R23 is a great sushi place with great views of Downtown skyline.  I started coming here so many years ago.  Maybe 10.  They had just opened up the place.  It is located in the “hood”(not really). Watch out for the homeless.  The neighborhood has improved dramatically as more and more artsy folks have moved in to the old downtown toy district

The place itself is an old Rail Road warehouse on track 23(hence the R23 name) that has been turned to a great sushi bar. Beautiful old brick building with warm wood floors and high ceilings.  Chairs designed by Frank Gehry made of cardboard.  Very romantic and nice place.
The sushi is terrific as well. :)  Tourists who come to LA from Japan always request to come to R23 because of the quality of their food. They have traditional basic sushi at R23, but this in my opinion is what makes R23 so special.  you wont find albacore with special sauce or yellowtail with jalapenos(dont get me wrong I love those as well, but this is very traditional and simple sushi).  What makes R23 so special is the freshness of their food.  Jake the owner and Kato the manager must have incredible connections with the folks in the LA fish market.

Their shari (sushi rice) is really good and this is key to good sushi. The way they form the sushi and the proportion of the sashimi to the rice is also well done. Their uni is the only uni I can eat around here because everything here is super fresh.  Their ama ebi (sweet/raw shrimp) is nicely big and plump. Their wasabi leaf ohitashi is very good too. Their dungeness crab salad is exceptional.  Also, good tempura is not an every day find around here but you’ll find it at R23.

R23 is not an inexpensive plave to dine but in my opinion it is worth every penny.  I’ll give this place 4 stars.

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  1. nanciful says:

    Although I’ve only been to R23 once and thought it was a little on the pricey side, I really enjoyed the food! It was a nice surprise b/c I thought it was going to be another downtown hip hoax.

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